Love Tiles Metallic is a collection of enamelled stoneware flooring tiles and monoporous white paste wall tile lining, inspired by crude steels and metals, with an aura of modernity and urban irreverence.

With a strong personality and unique realism, the chromatic effects resemble the coloured oxide layers obtained through exposure to corrosive agents, depending on the type of metal.

Metallic supports three wall lining tile formats – 45×120, 35×100, 35×70 – and one flooring tile format 59.2×59.2. They are available in the 45 x 120 formats – designed to further emphasize the graphic element.

The diversification of chromatic tones – Platinum, Steel, Iron, Rust, Corten and Carbon – provides an unmatchable range.

About Love Tiles

The brand name Love Tiles was created in May 2008, replacing the brand name Novagres. This recent project, associated to a new concept of emotional marketing, aimed at following a communication and marketing policy started two years before. The challenge was to bond people, through affections, to a way of being and feeling each space within their homes, created by elegant, exclusive and unrepeatable atmospheres.

In 1999, following a set of environmental protection requirements and policies, along with the continuous search for quality, the Quality Management System NP EN ISO 9001 Model for the quality of planning and development, production, installation and servicing – was implemented and the company was certified on September 26, 2001.

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