Hygiene is becoming increasingly important in people’s minds. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced many aspects of our daily lives. Companies, hotels, and all institutions with highly frequented entrance areas are faced with the challenge of raising hygiene standards as soon as customers, guests, patients and visitors enter.Comments Stephen Maley, UK Sales Director.

Hygiene with style

The new disinfectant dispenser column from HEWI meets the increased hygiene requirements in public and highly frequented areas. The mobile solution for hand disinfection increases hygiene in washrooms, entrance areas of public buildings, healthcare buildings, and the catering and hotel industry.

Offering design flexibility, the HEWI design line is available in stainless steel and powder-coated surfaces. In addition, HEWi is offering either a deep matt finish in white, grey tones or black, thus enabling an aesthetic interpretation of hygiene measures in entrance areas and lobbies.

Hewi Disinfectant Column

Touchless disinfection

The sensor dispenser can be used without touching. The mechanism and drip tray are integrated into the body of the column and are retractable. The disinfection dispenser columns offer a purist design for entrance areas and, thanks to a reinforced base, optimum stability for hand disinfection.

System competence in hygiene

The disinfectant dispenser column can also be combined with other sanitary solutions. HEWI manufacture soap and disinfectant dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and waste bins in complementary design styles.

Hewi Disinfectant column

HEWI | Public

HEWI believe equipment solutions in public and semi-public areas should reflect the character of the property. Other important aspects in planning and realisation are atmosphere, user well-being as well as economy and sustainability. HEWI promises desgners a consistent approach to meeting these requirements. Consciously selected materials and their careful workmanship result in high-quality products that can withstand the high frequency of users over many years.

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Pictured Top: New disinfection dispenser column

Pictured Middle: Disinfection dispenser columns in stainless steel and powder coatings

Pictured Bottom: Hygiene in the entrance area: the disinfection dispenser column

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