Combining practicality with aesthetic appeal is one of the most important considerations in bathroom furniture design. Not only does furniture have to meet the storage needs of each customer, but also offer style and durability expected of a modern bathroom.

HiB Novum Bathroom style

HiB, a leading bathroom brand, has an in-house design team dedicated to the development of new, innovative bathroom ranges that answer a genuine market need, but also complement contemporary trends. The latest range to be unveiled by HiB is the Veles modular furniture range, which has been carefully crafted to cater to diverse bathroom needs.

Meticulous attention has been paid to Veles’s storage, sizing and finishes. Addressing the challenges of smaller spaces, the Veles Compact range boasts remarkable quality and finish in a reduced depth. On the other hand, the Veles Standard range caters to larger dimensions, making it ideal for family bathrooms where ample storage is essential.

In terms of trends, the Veles range is keenly attuned to the latest styles. Veles incorporates the latest desired looks such as matte finishes, which not only lend a sophisticated touch but also mitigate fingerprint marks, and choice of handles including a brushed brass option. When Veles is paired with HiB’s Terra basin, with their mineral marble construction, it takes on another level of design, reflecting the trend of incorporating natural elements.

Talking about incorporating nature into a bathroom design, HiB product designer Jasmine Rowe said: “In 2024, texture plays a key role in bathroom furniture design. With a neutral palette it’s easy to make the space feel flat and washed out, so it is important think about how you can mix texture, gloss and matt finishes with light to inject life into your room. By pairing furniture such as the Veles range with natural textured basins and tactile handles, you can elevate the overall look.”

For more information about the new range, visit the Veles page on the website

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