Denmark bathroom manufacturer Dansani showcased its latest collection at kbb. YOU offers three different styles that can be combined to deliver a variety of design combinations to suit any project.

Vintage, Classic and Urban provide a wealth of choice, not only in the larger elements like cabinet doors, basins, tabletops and lighting, but right down to the details and little things like handles, legs and towel hooks.  

“Even a little detail like putting romantic legs and handles on a stringent Urban cabinet will change the expression completely. At the same time, it is fun to experiment, breaking away from the overall style. It stimulates curiosity and adds personality and edge to the final result. It really lets the customer take over the designer’s role, and we can barely wait to see what designs our customers will put together with YOU,” says Susanne Krag, Sales and Marketing Manager at Dansani. She continues: “We hope we will get a lot of super pictures of YOU bathrooms sent to hash tag #mydansani.”


The pure Vintage style is romantic, but functional retro. A light, organic style, in its very essence inviting you to find a personal, decorative furnishing style.  The Vintage style is personified in Caroline, who chooses an eclectic feminine style for her furnishings. Pictured Bottom.


The pure Classic style is timeless elegance. The classic virtues of Danish design tradition show clearly in every detail, creating an elegantly timeless look. The Classic style is personified in Sofia, who knows exactly what she wants. Photo: Dansani. Stylist: Pernille Vest. Pictured Top.


The pure Urban style has a modular, minimalist idiom. Strong, clean lines, with absolutely no fuss. There are no superfluous details to disturb the smooth, single-coloured surfaces and stringent lines. The Urban style is personified in Alexander, who goes for simplicity and clean lines. 

Urban and Classic mix:

Even small changes can make a big difference in the total picture. On the left is how it starts – Urban. On the right it is combined with elements from Classic. It still gives a basically stringent impression, but it is softened with elements of timeless elegance. 

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