Bathroom Review’s Editor Diane Larner recently visited the Novellini factory in Italy and was impressed to discover sustainability is a key consideration for the Mantova based company.  Barbara Novellini told us “People are very important to us, but we also want to concentrate on our planet. It’s a key focus for us everyday.

BR: Why is sustainability so important for Novellini?

BN: Because we want to make the difference, the difference compared to our competitors, the difference to the planet and to people, and mainly to the new generation. We really consider sustainability is one of the most important competitive advantages we have in our hands.

BR: What initiatives have you introduced as a company and how do you implement this on a daily basis?

BN: We started investing in new green technologies twenty years ago.  Environmental sustainability has always been the hallmark of Novellini’s vision and represents the foundation on which we base our business model, for example, PVD TECHNOLOGY (physical vapour deposition) is used by Novellini for the eco-friendly metallization of aluminium and plastic parts. Our commitment never stops.  

BR: What challenges do you foresee for the industry over the next 12-24 months?

BN: The real challenge will be to transmit to our customers and to the end consumer the green vision and its advantages, as well as to obtain more commitment from the market regarding sustainability. Today our biggest frustration is companies that do not deliver smart and green choices to the market.  

BR: Where do you think the manufacturing industry most needs to improve?

BN: I think the industry needs to challenge its supply chain to make sure its processes are green wherever possible, from raw materials to final packaging.  

BR: What motivates you most in your work?

BN: The improvement and the satisfaction of our people, because I’m 100% sure that when we have a motivated and well-prepared team, this in turn means more customer satisfaction and better results. 

BR: What are the key USP’s offered by your company?

BN: I strongly believe our USP’s are our family values of passion, commitment, innovation and creativity. In addition, the fact our products are made in Italy, and our relentless attention to customer’s needs are also key success factors. 

BR: What have been your highlights in business over the past year?

BN: We had a hugely successful show at the ISH exhibition at Frankfurt 2019. Novellini is now reaching its UK aim, which is to be associated with other leading bathroom brands. We have always been recognised as a reliable Italian manufacturing company, both in our Italian headquarters in Italy and abroad. It’s an exciting time to be at Novellini. 

BR: What new trends can we expect to see in the next year?

BN: Concerning our collection, much news is expected in 2020: New profile shapes with new functionality in shower enclosures, new colours and textures in furniture. Also, some very important news in our bath collection is expected but I can’t reveal this news yet, so…… stay tuned!

 BR: How do you define success? What challenges you to succeed?

BN: To be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday! The challenge for me is always to achieve this goal individually and with my team. I also believe it’s important to uphold my personal values that, as you can imagine, are not so different from our company