HEWI, an expert in barrier-free sanitary solutions, has launched a new user-friendly magnetic shower holder that is safe, easy to clean and improves showering comfort.

The patented System 900 magnetic shower head holder is available in stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated in white, black and grey. The new product follows the minimalist, high-quality and timeless design that characterises all ranges from HEWI and is designed to be another element of its diverse and versatile barrier-free ‘building-block’ solutions.

Well thought out down to the last detail and timeless in design

In terms of handling, the new magnetic shower head holder has been significantly simplified and is, in the sense of universal design, an optimal product for everyone and especially for users with physical limitations.

Characteristic features are ease-of-use thanks to magnet-function-based height adjustment which is simply achieved by sliding the shower head. System 900 also boasts intuitive one-handed operation, a fully rotatable cone bracket and the conscious lack of the buttons and knobs that usually feature on such products. Thus, the shower holder can be used without strain and even by those with motor limitations.  Wet hands are also not an issue as the traditional clamping mechanism has been replaced by the novel magnetic principle, thus eliminating the need to exert pressure when adjusting the shower holder.

As virtually no mechanical forces act on the product, wear is reduced to a minimum. Thus, the new magnetic shower holder is also an extremely hard-wearing and durably aesthetic product, tested for hand showers weighing up to one kilogram. HEWI also emphasises that incorrect operation can be ruled out and this new product can be used without hesitation by people with pacemakers.


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