Why hotels should be all-inclusive

Why hotels should be all-inclusive

Stephen Maley, UK Sales Director for Hewi tells us the hotel sector can benefit from inclusive solutions.

According to Hewi beautifully crafted accessibility solutions serve to help disguise disability where appropriate and de-stigmatise the accessibility bathroom. Hewi maintain that their BS8300 and Doc M compliant accessibility solutions are not products that their users are embarrassed by. They are proud of them which in turn encourage their use.

The quality of materials and future proofing aspects of HEWI's solutions means the BS8300 and Doc M compliant products are built to last, providing a very robust argument during a long term cost (value for money) discussion. This is particularly relevant in the accessible tourism market which is worth a potential £33 billion where many hoteliers simply miss out on business due to the limited number of accessible rooms on offer. Likewise where accessible accommodation is offered the products used are normally so stigmatising that they upset many of their guests.

The recently commissioned YouGov study by Hewi explores the issue of accessible hotel rooms and the feelings of both disabled and non-disabled guests. The study showed that 26% of all GB adults are either fairly or very unhappy at the idea of being given an unrequested accessible room by a hotel. The majority of those would request to be moved, thus incurring extra costs for hotels.

Hewi feels there is a solution to this challenging matter, Stephen Maley of Hewi UK explained. “The UK hotel market is going through a huge expansion phase at present. Many of these projects are using cheap, poorly designed imports from the Far East and creating accessible bathrooms that are more akin to hospitals or care homes. There is no need for this as we have systems where there is no permanently fixed accessible bathroom furniture.

With the Hewi system you are able to install top quality blanking plates within the bathroom, which can then be simply adapted to accommodate the required support rails or shower seats –as per the guest requirements. All done within seconds. The award winning Hewi ranges provide tailor made accessible bathrooms for all sectors and together with efficient delivery and retail displays are widely available.”

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