Why choose a shower-toilet?

Why choose a shower-toilet?

Raffaela De Vittorio, Marketing Director for Geberit explains why the shower-toilet is set to become the WC of choice for modern living.

The toilet has come a long way from its once humble offering that was chosen purely out of necessity and not given much regard. Over the past few years the focus on the toilet has shifted, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of just how big an influence their choice of WC can have on comfort levels in the modern bathroom.

Technology has had a huge part to play in this shift in attitude: in a recent survey of 1,000 homeowners conducted by Geberit, technology came high on their wish list for the perfect bathroom design. In fact, when it comes to the latest in bathroom gadgets, 45% of those we asked said they would be interested in a 'shower toilet' that freshens the user with water - making it arguably the ultimate WC for the 21st century.

Many consumers like the idea of a shower toilet but may think it will be difficult to use, so being able to not just see the product, but to actively see how the technology works creates a sense of trust and gives a greater understanding of the product too. Retailers with our AquaClean shower toilets installed in their customer washrooms tell us that this makes the up-selling process much simpler, as once they've tried it, customers want to take this technology home with them.

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