Wetrooms explained...

Wetrooms explained...

Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen, the Marketing Manager Unidrain explains the science behind successful wetroom installation.

Wet rooms are increasing in popularity within the UK across all sectors, ranging from high-end residential, through to commercial and healthcare.  A wet room provides a wide range of benefits; it allows for greater creativity within bathroom layouts such as a seamless and simplistic design and level floor access which is also ideal for multigenerational living.

A successful wet room installation depends on the quality of the product which has a major impact of the effectiveness of the wet room. Designers, retailers, installers and clients can often use mediocre products pre-tilling, due to the fact that these will not be seen once the wet room is installed.   This can often be a costly mistake, there is a correct drain for every situation and it is imperative that this is chosen with accuracy. 

The gradient of slope is another factor that must be considered; we advise a gradient of 1.25 – 2 percent. One of the most common products within the foundations of a wet room that is not given the appropriate attention is the water proofing membrane. This can be the make or break of any wet room – the use of a high quality product along with the correct application will result in a secure, water tight wet room. We believe that a wet room should be installed once and well. A wet room shouldn’t have to be replaced; if the installation and product selection is correct there should be no reason at all a wet room couldn’t be a lifetime investment.

Unidrain's revolutionary linear floor drain was designed and developed in 2003 and this format can now be found across the globe.   The linear drain, has led to an increase in demand larger showers and for wet rooms and wet room style walk in showers.  


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