Vismaravetro heated shower

Vismaravetro has created a shower unit that "radiates" heat.  

The Parete radiante heats your bathroom and provides the utmost comfort both in addition to and in replacing the traditional heating systems. Moreover, thanks to the functional handle, it is also useful as a towel warmer, especially when combined with underfloor heating.  

The glass panel that forms the radiating wall is composed of two sheets of tempered, layered glass. Heat is generated by an electric current inside the panel, which is protected by double insulation around its edges. The above system complies with all safety requirements approved by EU certification authorities.  

Vismaravetro holds an EU patent for the innovative technical solutions used to power the panel while ensuring conditions of maximum safety as required by the above standards. 

And last but not least, it is completely safe as certified by IMQ, a brand that guarantees absolute reliability. The innovative technical solutions allow the electricity supply in conditions of maximum safety and according to European standards.


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