Virtual Worlds adds retailer

Already so much more than a purely practical space within the home, the bathroom now more than ever plays a part in the well-being of the nation. As not just a new year but a new decade dawns, bathroom retailers in 2020 are selling a lifestyle and using the virtual reality design software from Virtual Worlds to bring ideas to life. 

With the extensive range of mirrors and accessories from Bathroom Origins included on the Virtual Worlds catalogue, consumers have an extensive product choice when designing their dream bathroom. 

“Customers are seeking inspiration for the bathrooms online – through Instagram and Pinterest – and will arrive at the retailer with mood boards at the ready and albums on their smartphone or tablet,” explains Bathroom Origins founder Sofia Charalambous.

“This presents the retailer with a golden opportunity to enhance the power of 3D and 4D Design; the consumer is already switched on to technology, so make use of this to make their ideas come to life.”

As a company that focuses more on bathing rituals than simply the sale of mirrors and accessories, having Bathroom Origins products available on the Virtual Worlds catalogue means that retailers can show everything that goes into a bathroom’s design, rather than simply the bare bones. 

“4D technology presents the retailer with a golden opportunity to sell not just a bathroom but a retreat, a place to escape from the madness of the world, to enjoy fun time with the kids or couple time,” comments Sofia.

“Amidst political and economic uncertainty Bathroom Origins invests heavily in its business, as we can only control our own destinies. As the go-to bathroom brand for bathroom accessories, working with Virtual Worlds is the perfect tool to translate a customer’s ideas into finished designs.”

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