ViFresh fragrance & hygiene

Modern consumers want a clean and fresh toilet. They frequently buy toilet rim blocks or gels – more than 50 per cent of European consumers purchase such products at least once a year.

After all, the rim blocks and gels help remove unpleasant odours keep the toilet clean during use. The products also help prevent urine deposits and calcifcation whilst releasing a pleasant long-lasting fragrance into the entire room.

However these products have their disadvantages: the holders or baskets in the toilet are not aesthetically pleasing and they are attached in an unhygienic area, causing them to become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Villeroy & Boch's innovative ViFresh technology combines a fresh fragrance and hygenic cleaning via an easy-to-use system. The compartment in the ceramic water inlet is filled with conventional fragranced rim blocks or gels. Each flush distributes a controlled quantity of active ingredients throughout the toilet bowl.