Inta, best known as a manufacturer of bathroom products, has advised people responsible for washrooms across the UK to strongly consider touchless taps as businesses prepare for an attempt at returning to normality.

Stuart Gizzi, Managing Director at Inta, based in Hixon, Staffordshire, believes that any investment in the technology will pay off long term as it gives users peace of mind in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst allowing greater control over water flow and limiting waste.

Stuart said: “This year we have all become more aware than ever of germ hotspots that we may have interacted with without a second thought previously.

“One such example is the tap.

“Due to the nature of a public amenity, the truth is that not everyone will have taken the time to clean a tap after use with the next person in mind, even in the current climate.

“Our touchless tap, the IR121CP, includes an automatic sensor to allow the right amount of water to be supplied without the user having direct contact with the outlet spout. 

“This solution is ideal where high standards of hygiene and low water use are important. It is supplied as a single unit to suit one tap basins.

“Originally factory set to maximise water saving, the taps can be adjusted to run longer,  for 20 seconds, to correspond with the government recommended handwashing time. 

“Made from solid brass to ensure a sturdy structure, the vandal-proof design means it is ideal for intensive use washrooms such as schools, public areas, airports and more.”

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, a number of public health experts listed an increased use of touchless taps as a key feature of the long-term fight back against the disease.

These included academics and former World Health Organisation expert committee members.

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