Showers: From digital to smart

Showers: From digital to smart

Aaron Bourne, Design and Innovation Manager at Aqualisa explains the move.

At Aqualisa, we are now describing our digital showers as 'smart' mixer showers. We believe that smart more accurately describes the proactive benefits of the category, such as such as automatically checking water temperature 100 times per second.

Digital showering accounts for around 10% of the UK mixer shower market at present, excluding electric. While the benefits of digital are well known, including ease of installation and user-friendly features, growth in this sector has been slow, if steady.

Why aren't more people buying digital showers? The answer is that consumers don't understand what a digital shower is and the name doesn't help. If someone says 'digital' to me, I think of a 1980s Casio watch. It sounds old-fashioned now, not a term that people associate with cutting edge technology.

Research we commissioned recently showed that both owners and installers already viewed digital technology as smart and welcomed the move. Consumers understand that smart means finely tuned control, the ultimate in safety and convenience and the ability to personalise their showering experience. Personalisation is a huge trend globally and a key element of the growing smart home market that includes bathrooms.

We believe there's potential to double the size of the digital/smart shower market within three years and that the new terminology will help achieve this. We encourage other manufacturers to join us in digital-to-smart.