Sensio Lighting on Virtual Worlds

Adding an extra dimension of realism to bathroom designs, the Sensio range of lighting solutions is now available on Virtual Worlds. 

With lighting playing a crucial role in bathroom design, products from the Sensio range can now easily be incorporated into 3D and 4D designs, enabling consumers to more easily visualise the effect that their lighting choices can have on the overall space, with an entire lighting scheme now easily produced on the platform. 

Established in 2000, Sensio are dedicated to designing and developing new and innovative lighting solutions for the kbb market. With the addition of Sensio to Virtual Worlds software, designers can ensure that the perfect lighting levels are planned in from the early stages of a project.

Included in the new catalogue is the Sensio Bathroom lighting range, consisting of illuminated LED mirrors, ceiling lights, LED cabinet lighting and more. Each of the products has been faithfully reproduced by the Virtual Worlds catalogue team to ensure they are accurate, enabling stunning lighting designs to be easily created.

“Lighting plays a key role in any bathroom’s design and we wanted to have Sensio products included on the Virtual Worlds system as the software puts a whole new perspective on bathroom design,” commented Neil Oldfield, Sensio Product Manager

“By making our products available on the Virtual Worlds catalogue consumers can easily see the effect the various options will have on the finished space and ensure that it is integral to the design,” commented Neil Oldfield, Sensio Product Manager.

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