Self-powering infrared mixer

GROHE’s innovative technology uses the tap’s own water flow to drive a turbine, concealed in a small box installed below the basin. This converts the energy from the flowing water into storable electrical energy which then powers the tap’s infrared function. Just 60 seconds of running water delivers and stores enough energy to power the mixer for 24 hours - saving water, energy and money for your project.

The Powerbox’s simple design means its positive benefits can be applied to
a wide number of applications. It’s especially suited to busy public facilities,
from airports and hotels to offices and public institutions. Its self-sustaining
power model and low maintenance design also makes it perfect for projects
where mains electricity is absent or unreliable, and is a great choice for
projects emphasising sustainability and eco-efficiency.

The PowerBox maintains GROHE’s standards of design excellence, and can
be used with three different tap designs – GROHE’s Europlus E, Eurosmart
Cosmopolitan E for mixed water and the Euroeco Cosmopolitan E for a cold
or pre-blended water.

Raj Mistry, GROHE UK Marketing Director, comments: “The self -sufficient PowerBox from GROHE is a smart and sustainable choice for projects. The mixer is able to deliver an energy efficient and money saving solution for a wide variety of commercial uses”.