Roxor Group acquisition

Roxor Group has announced its intention to acquire Better Bathrooms (UK) Limited, one of the UK’s largest independent bathroom retailers, which has a nationwide network of stores,  an e‐commerce platform, plus a UK‐based customer service centre.

The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, is subject to approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as part of a customary process. We do not anticipate any issues through the FCA approval process and once this is ratified the acquisition will be complete.


The acquisition forms part of Roxor’s commitment to growth through both organic sales and the right strategic acquisitions. Better Bathrooms, will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Roxor Group, but will continue as an independent entity and will be run under its own management team and structure.


Speaking about the acquisition, Dave Cullen, CEO, Roxor Group said: “The acquisition of Better Bathrooms is excellent news for Roxor Group and Better Bathrooms. This will strategically sit alongside our other group companies as detailed below;


“As a separate entity, Better Bathrooms has a unique proposition of linking retail to online and back from online to retail. It sits as part of the group portfolio and gives the business the growth opportunities that it requires.”


Dave added: “The acquisition of Better Bathrooms makes Roxor a substantially larger group, effectively doubling its size and presence in the market place. It also forms part of Roxor Group’s ambitious growth strategy enhancing our competitive position in the market.


For further information, contact Dave Cullen, Chief Executive Officer or Paul Hollingworth,


Chief Commercial Officer, Roxor Group on T: 01422 417100.


For further information about better Bathrooms, visit the website: Better Bathrooms