Roca & Graham training

Roca and Graham plumbers’ merchant have been working together on a comprehensive and detailed training programme for all Graham showroom consultants.

Roca has created a Bronze, Silver and Gold level training scheme for the 37 Graham Showroom consultants. The Bronze course was a three-hour interactive classroom training day, the Silver was an assortment of E-Learning modules and the Gold was three factory trips to Barcelona with a final training task. Participants had to take part in and complete both the Bronze and Silver training sessions to be eligible for the Gold event. Demonstrating excellent product knowledge and confidence throughout the course, Peter Dilnot from Graham’s Canterbury showroom was the overall winner of the training scheme. 

The training, which takes around 18 months to complete, was created and organised by Derek Hopwood, National Training Manager for Roca. It was tailored to work for the Graham showroom consultants to improve their knowledge of Roca and their confidence.

Derek comments, “This training programme with Graham has been a huge success. The three modules provided an in-depth and extensive overview of Roca products that were aimed at improving the showroom consultants’ knowledge and confidence. Following each module, the candidates were scored out of 10 by someone from the Graham team and someone from Roca. These scores were totalled at the end of the course and Peter was a clear winner. We are delighted for him and impressed with how well all the participants have done.”

“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity for all Graham Showroom Consultants to complete this comprehensive training schedule,” says Derek Charge, Regional Showroom Manager at Graham. “It covered everything from the basics to technical details, the training also covered understanding customers’ needs. At Graham we are proud to offer expert knowledge and pride ourselves with being able to advise customers on the sometimes complex decisions needed when designing Bathrooms, we are also proud of being the ‘Home of the Brands’ meaning all training and development is essential to stay fully updated. Thank you to the Roca team for continued support with making sure Graham Showrooms are the place to go to find your perfect bathroom.”

Roca has an extensive training scheme for its customers and will be continuing its Bronze, Silver and Gold training modules. If you are interested in arranging training, please contact Derek on or telephone 01530 830080.

Pictured: Peter Dilnot from the Graham Canterbury showroom has achieved top results following the first Roca and Graham Bronze, Silver and Gold training scheme