Roca’s terran trays

The terran shower trays are functional yet offer a design led aesthetic with its slimline profile and the possibility of in-floor installation eliminating the need for steps. In addition, Roca offers a cut-to size option, allowing for personalisation to the exact shower space.

Showers are increasingly the focal point when homeowners take into consideration the layout of a bathroom. As well as fulfilling a practical purpose, showers are being chosen as statement pieces, particularly in an open-plan bathroom or wet room. When choosing a shower, it’s important to look for one that delivers a powerful performance and looks the part too.

Shower trays are now available in low profile depths which can be installed at floor level, helping to create the luxury feeling of a walk-in showering area, without the task of having to fully waterproof the entire bathroom. Pair this with a simple, frameless glass screen to create a minimal, high-end finish that makes the room feel comfortable and spacious.