New TOTO washbasins

TOTO has unveiled a series of new, high-quality vessels with the latest ceramic glaze technology.

TOTO' s new super-slim Linear Ceram is available in the UK from October. With edges measuring just 4mm, this vessel has an especially delicate look – but is just as durable as standard washbasins, which have ceramic measuring twice as thick. This is made possible by a new composite material developed by TOTO, called Linear Ceram. Like all TOTO ceramics, Linear Ceram also features the special CeFiONtect glaze.

The vessels and furniture washbasins (pictured) also feature a streamlined design and are available in 500 and 600 mm versions. All new models are equipped with the high-quality CeFiONtect glaze designed to make it difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate, they are also durable and long-lasting.

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