New brochure from Roca

Roca has released a new Discovery brochure for 2019, which features its most innovative ranges to date. 

With new products and stand-out ranges highlighted throughout, the comprehensive brochure includes stunning lifestyle photography, as well as detailed product information to give retailers a valuable marketing tool for them and their customers. There are useful styling tips incorporated within the brochure and a buying guide with explanations on the different solutions available. 

Each collection is clearly displayed through stylish images that show the breadth of what Roca offers and includes the key features and benefits of each product. The product selection section contains technical information along with images, product codes and prices. 

Claire Gay, Marketing Manager at Roca, says: “We believe that bathrooms should be an extension of the way we want our bathroom experience to be. Homeowners live in such different ways, and with our new Discovery 2019 brochure we aim to inspire them to transform their bathroom into a unique space.”

Roca is also helping customers create dream bathrooms virtually before they make a purchasing decision. Roca’s new 3R Bathroom Layout Planner is a simple and powerful online tool that enables users to easily and quickly create bathroom layouts with a combination of products, in either 2D or 3D formats. The planner can be accessed from Roca’s homepage

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