Murrine Tile Collection

Launching its latest Murrine designer collection, leading tilemaker Trend GB returns to its Venetian glass-making roots. The new range of micro-tile compositions has been inspired by classic murrine designs, traditionally made by layering up coloured glass canes.

Available in nine different styles, it is suitable for interior and exterior walls, wet areas like kitchens and utility rooms, shower cubicles and ornamental fountains.

The three mosaic styles, Burano, Murano and Torcello are named after islands in the Venetian Lagoon and offered in different colourways. Burano reflects the millefiori or ‘thousand flowers’ effect of radial symmetry, in circular mosaic panels measuring 204.5cm (6’ 8½”) in diameter. Murano continues the millefiori theme into a 149cm (4’ 11”) square module, using large and small circular repeat patterns. Torcello reproduces the modular format on a larger scale and in bolder colourways, with five 158cm (5’ 2”) square sheets in each design making up a mosaic panel over five feet (158cm) square, for flooring and feature walls.

The Murrine Collection is available to special order from Trend stockists, contact 0800 044 5395, or send an email.