On The Level Infinity

New from the end of September, the INFINITY I-Line by OTL is the ultimate luxury in shower systems. This subtle linear design has a ‘barely there’ channel that edges the wall.

INFINITY I-Line's considerable, sloped floor directs the flow of water to the almost invisible channel allowing the water to drain away discreetly. With no unsightly shower drains and more room to stand it exudes a sense of space.

Manufactured in the UK using high grade stainless steel it has both left and right-hand configuration options and with a built-in fall so there is no sitting water. It is easy to install, and there are four different stock-size formers - each with different configurations for all floor types.

When standard sizes aren’t suitable, OTL offers a bespoke service for INFINITY ILine. For extra large projects there is a dual-outlet channel option; formers can be manufactured from 600mm to up to 2000mm in length and, if required, produced with a thicker material up to 30mm, coping with a flow rate of between 34 and 50 litres per minute. OTL’s dedicated team of advisers is on hand during working hours to help you if you have questions.