Let's get personal...

Let's get personal...

The strongest bathroom trend for 2018 and beyond is personalisation, linked to the trend for personalised technology and the new freedom of expression through design. It’s about more mixing and less matching.

There will always be a place for white and traditional bright chrome, but without the uniformity, more a back-drop to complement an eclectic, individual look.

Personalisation in the home started in the dining room and kitchen - think Elle Deco style, mis-matched chairs and crockery – and has risen through the house to the bathroom. It means flashes of colour, the natural elements of wood and plants that were so popular at this year’s ISH and at the premium end of the market, the new metallic finishes.

Rose gold is already an established mass market trend, with yellow gold coming through for next year along with pewter, nickel and black chrome. With all the serious players in the bathroom industry producing metallic finishes, this is not a passing fad.

When you think that a bathroom has a lifetime of around 10-12 years, adding a flash of colour or a metallic accent is a cost effective way of injecting a fresh look without the need for a full refurb.

Even something as simple as changing the colour of towels will redress the balance and bring a vanilla bathroom up to date.

Aqualisa Customer Experience Director, Wendy Bennett