Laufen's new brassware from Konstantin Grcic

Laufen’s new Val brassware line features a conical and slim design that integrates discreetly into contemporary bathroom designs. Munich-based star designer Konstantin Grcic was commissioned to create a stylish and modern brassware range.

Konstantin Grcic’s work is always oriented towards human requirements and logical processes. The designer has followed this concept for the new Val brassware line.

The tangible design is created by the conical shape of the faucet and drain, as well as in the delicate-looking operating lever with its voluminous underside. “A clear statement from traditional brassware is their slightly curved outlet”, says Grcic. “For me it was not a question of being retro, but we can be inspired by the past. The faucet lever looks extremely delicate. But the underside is designed voluminously, making it easy to grasp – much like a door handle. In contrast to larger levers, which require coarser gestures, the small Val lever encourages conscious and careful use of water.”

The combination of sensitive composition and beauty together characterises Val.