Laufen launches SONAR

Laufen's innovative new SONAR collection was launched at KBB for the UK market this week. Acclaimed and eclectic designer Patricia Urquiola takes SaphirKeramik to a third dimension to create wall-hung washbasins, washbasin bowls and bathtub.

Back in 2013 Laufen launched SaphirKeramik, a revolutionary high-tech ceramic material with unprecedented performance properties which allow for the creation of wafer-thin but still exceptionally robust walls, finely-defined curves and tight-edge radii of just 1 to 2mm.

In the SONAR concept Patricia Urquiola manages to combine two powerful and apparently widely separated matrices of inspiration: the rigour of architectural minimalism as an expression of purity and formal understatement, and the energy and dynamism connected with the natural phenomenon of sound waves and their relationship with water.

Inclined planes, material cuts, small internal overhangs are all functional ploys to optimize the flow of water and to resolve logistical aspects with creative ingenuity and style.

"For me Laufen means many themes; innovation, choice, research on the finest materials, respect for design aimed at always achieving maximum quality."