KAST Canvas Collection

The new 2019 Kast Canvas collection includes Iva, Luna and Otto.

The new basins feature defined, sculptural surfaces rich in dramatic shadows. Varying linear patterns are explored from the soft horizontal waves of the Iva basin, to the sharp, diagonal pleats of Otto.

Iva (pictured below) is a  curved trough basin with a corrugated surface pattern and recessed vanity space.  Luna is a compact semi-circle basin with a refined fluted pattern to the outer surface and Otto is a circular counter top basin featuring a pleated pattern.

The three-dimensional surfaces are sensuous and tactile, referencing retro influences from the 20th century. With a bold and non-conformist attitude prevalent amongst interior design trends, the new Kast Canvas collection encourages us to push boundaries.

The new collection is now available to buy worldwide in up to 28 concrete colours. For more information contact info@kastconcretebasins.com or call +44 (0)1623 709249.