Ideal Standard create bathrooms for Courtyard by Marriott.

Ideal Standard, best know for its bathroom solutions has worked in partnership with the Baum Group to create versatile bathrooms for the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Wolfsburg, Germany. The new bathrooms complement the natural setting of the wider Allerpark region in where the hotel is located.

One of the largest sports, leisure and recreation destinations in Germany, the Allerpark attracts two million visitors every year, making it the perfect location for the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, attracting a range of business clients as well as tourists and long-term visitors. A total of 27 million euros was invested in to the hotel and Ideal Standard were chosen as the perfect partner to help them realise their design visions.

Timeless design to amplify and complement the natural surroundings The entire architecture and interior design of the hotel is focused around connecting the internal features of the hotel to nature and the external environment of the Allerpark district directly surrounding the hotel. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows offer an immersive view of the landscape and the lake and illuminate each room’s atmosphere with natural light.

"As a franchisee we’ve been able to develop our own hotel and interior design concept that embraces the surrounding natural world and the park landscape," explains hotel manager Christoph Neumann. With its four stories, the building doesn’t tower over the trees in the park. Its wood composite façade allows the building to seamlessly blend into the environment.”

One important architectural feature is the visual inclusion of the bathroom: a floor-to-ceiling glass panel between the bathroom and the living area, which creates a clear view through the rooms to the outdoors. A ‘black-out curtain’ closes the panel completely when privacy is needed.

Courtyard by Marriott’s interior designer Christian Stötzer comments “Our task was to find a design that was timeless and the challenge here was to bring this design into all of the rooms. When we first came here, we saw the lake and the outdoor space and it was clear that we wanted to draw this into the interior design.”

With the natural setting integral to the design of the hotel, it was important that the technological features of the products, whilst offering high levels of functionality and comfort to service the hotel’s high footfall, also considered the environmental impact and total cost of ownership.

"We compared products from different manufacturers during the design process. In the end, Ideal Standard was the right fit for us. From specification services, the broad range of products, to the standard of technology and design. We also based our decision on the positive experience we’ve already had with Ideal Standard at other Baum Group properties," reports Neumann.

The design of the bathroom with its accents of colour and varied shapes across the sink, fittings and toilet solutions, offered by Ideal Standard are seamlessly integrated, both visually and kinesthetically. For the Courtyard by Marriott Wolfsburg, they chose purist Strada sinks, Tesi fittings and a toilet with the revolutionary AquaBlade flushing technology. The sink’s rectangular shape and slim edges are iconic Strada design elements, offering timeless design.

The different technologies chosen across all three ranges increase the hotel’s comfort, offer high levels of efficiency and provide sustainable solutions. A hot water temperature limiter (HWTB), CLICK technology reduces water consumption and offers quick and easy installation (EASY-FIX). In the toilet, the patented AquaBlade technology sets new standards in design and optimum flushing performance, even when using small quantities of water. AquaBlade rinses the entire bowl clean during every flush and the gentle curved smooth shape makes cleaning easier, saving staff time contributing to a quick and impressive room turnover.

"With the Courtyard by Marriott Wolfsburg, we have been able to develop an incredibly attractive leisure-friendly destination. This is the feeling we want our guests to experience, while at the same time never limiting our audience spectrum," emphasizes hotel manager Neumann.

By working together with Ideal Standard, the Courtyard by Marriott Wolfsburg has been able to develop a hybrid hotel concept for both leisure and business guests that ensures all guest’s comfort is fulfilled, whilst also offering sustainable, efficient solutions that help reduce the total cost of ownership.