HEWI Shower Seats

Maximum Comfort and Convenience

HEWI shower seats provide safety, comfort and convenience and deliver an accessible solution for the home, home care, public and professional care.

The minimalist shower seats are designed as accessories, delivering additional comfort and convenience in the shower. Providing support and safety, the seats can take a weight capacity up to 150 kg. In addition, the wall fixing is not visible, so that the hinged seat is fully integrated in the shower.

A slip-resistant surface on the seat and a backrest (which can be retro-fitted) both provide additional support.

Mobile Shower Seats are also a felxible option as they can be used when needed or folded away (up against the wall) when not needed, this also saves space.

As the shower seat is latched into a permanently installed mounting plate, it can be easily removed altogether if it is no longer required.

The mounting plate is concealed with a cover plate completing the unobtrusive design.


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