GSI Ceramica with Swirl Flush® & Quick Release

GSI Ceramica’s rimless flushing system, SwirlFlush® has been designed to improving flushing performance significantly.

The innovative new ‘Quick Release’ WC seat system and a new ceramic glaze, ExtraGlaze® are also now available for Norm, Kube and Pura collections.

The SwirlFlush® system creates a rimless WC bowl whilst the ovular shaped outlet gently leads the water around the ceramic surface. Cleaning times are cut substantially as there are no hidden elements to reach.

ExtraGlaze® is a new ceramic glaze that minimises the formation of surface pores making sanitaryware smoother, brighter and easier to clean. Applied to the product during production, ExtraGlaze® is an integral part of GSI Ceramica’s products. ExtraGlaze® makes the pieces more resistant to chemicals as well as creating a protective barrier against bacteria and limestone.

The revolutionary ‘Quick Release’ system is a practical solution for entirely removing a WC seat and cover in a simple way without using any tools. Once open they enable cleaners to reach those previously difficult areas.