Future proof with On The Level

Inclusive bathrooms are designed specifically to offer products with intuitive design for ease of use by all ages and to offer safe access for all abilities, making the bathroom "future proof" for the whole family. On The Level Bathroom white marble with vanity A wet room is the perfect option for an inclusive bathroom because it offers wide, flat access to the shower area which eliminates the possible trip hazard of a raised shower tray, and it is suitable for wheelchair access if required.

On The Level's under-floor wet room formers are designed to take the weight of a wheelchair and can be made in any shape or size to suit your project.

James Clark, Managing Director, On The Level, says: "Modern homes are becoming more multi-generational and for homes with families who range in age and ability a wet room is an attractive, practical solution because it offers barrier-free level access showering for the elderly, the young and the less able creating an enjoyable shower area for everyone. Customers are realising that the "family bathroom" needs to be just that - inclusive and safe for the whole family."

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