Embracing a different future for brassware

Embracing a different future for brassware

At Ideal Standard, we’re seeing a gradual move from UK consumers away from pillar taps and dual control fittings to lower-cost, single levers. 

We know that consumers like their more contemporary designs the fact that they’re easy to use. However, many single lever taps are only suitable for higher pressure water systems typically found in newer homes and are unsuitable for lower pressure gravity fed hot water systems.

The price of taps and mixers has been driven down as cheaper fittings are imported from the China and the Far East. The downside is that cheaper materials and components, and less stringent quality checking procedures, can lead to poor performance and durability. This results in disappointed customers and increased costs in the long-term as lower quality fittings need to be replaced sooner than expected.

Our approach is to ensure Ideal Standards’ new products are extensively flow and life cycle tested meaning they look good and continue to perform brilliantly for many years.

There has also been an increase in water saving fittings, which can result in inadequate flow rates in some installations. An effective solution in some cases is to offer products that are supplied as water saving, but which can easily be adapted for use on low pressure hot water systems.Supplying both a pre-fitted water eco-flow regulator and an optional flow straightener with the fitting, often means that it can be used on either low or high-pressure systems. 

This year continues to see the emergence of slimmer bodied basin mixers to meet demand for more minimalist bathroom designs. However, slimmer bodies mean more restriction for water flow and better suitability for higher pressure systems. What’s important is that fittings suppliers are honest about minimum operating pressures and the flow rates that can be expected to ensure customers are satisfied with their taps and mixers.

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