Closomat Asana shower toilet

The Asana is the latest multi-functional WC to be designed and engineered by Closomat, Britain’s brand leader in enabled toileting. It combines shower toilet assistive technology (integrated douching and drying) for able and disabled alike, with contemporary styling- which extends right through to the flush operating mechanisms.

Closomat has deliberately offered a range of flush plates that suit manual dexterity or design preference. Users can push-button on the side of the toilet or via the remote control included as standard, hand operate the chrome-plated pneumatic dual flush push plate, palm or finger press the brushed stainless steel option, or go ‘hands-free’ using intelligent infra-red technology integrated into a sleek brushed stainless steel, or gloss black plate. And, should manual dexterity deteriorate, the flush plate can be changed retrospectively.