CIH rerfurb

The unique partnership between the Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) and Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd. (CIH) has seen a complete refurbishment of their reception with two Noltë kitchen furniture displays.

The Noltë kitchens comprise of a selection of furniture colours and finishes. One of the displays is finished in Feel White, mixed with Artwood Rustic Wild Oak. In contrast, the second display is finished in Ocean Blue, for an on-trend feel that harmonises with the Euronics branding.

Bill Miller, Managing Director, KBBG explains: “Independent electrical retailers are faced with challenging market conditions. Fitted kitchens provide independent electrical retailers with a tremendous business opportunity, the unique partnership between CIH and KBBG assists CIH members to successfully enter the market.

“The majority of kitchen furniture sales are completed in traditional bricks and mortar showrooms, meaning the independent retailer continues to be a great place for consumers to buy a kitchen. Through our partnership, members are given comprehensive support, to grow and progress their business.”

Furthermore, Stuart Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd says: “The installation of the Noltë kitchens demonstrates our commitment to the unique partnership with have with KBBG. Consequently, we are dedicated to supporting its members and providing tools and support needed to develop and evolve their businesses.”

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