BMA welcomes EU regs

BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill has welcomed new EU regulations on market surveillance that could make a substantial difference to combating the sale of non-compliant bathroom products.

The regulations apply to all industrial products and outline new powers for market surveillance authorities (MSA) to act if there is a suspicion of a product presenting a risk, or to ensure corrective actions are taken to remedy a case of non-compliance.

Yvonne says, “These regulations are well overdue, as up until now there has been no means for MSA’s to bring companies to task over non-compliant products.

“The EU has listened to concerns from the bathroom industry and others, and now provides a clear infrastructure that will promote compliance and more importantly give the necessary powers for MSA’s to act when products are not-complaint.

“The introduction of cross border mutual assistance is also welcome, this provides a mechanism for MSA’s to communicate with counterparts in member states, which should make it easier to resolve issues across Europe.

“Market surveillance is vital for consumer safety and key to providing a level playing field for companies that do invest in compliant products.”

The regulations can be found in the EU Official Journal (25.06.2019 L169/1) here.