We're virtually there...

Nathan MaClean, Managing Director at Virtual Worlds tells us why virtual reality is big news in the KBB industry, with new developments making it easier than ever before for showrooms to share designs with their customers.

VR technology can be immersive, interactive and informative for customers and designers, but it’s not always a small investment and, to make life more difficult, there can be a massive difference between brands and software packages.

Why we need Sleep...

Margaret Talbot, Marketing Manager of VitrA UK explains why the show is the ultimate platform to meet leading architects and designers...

"Simultaneously, consumers are becoming more discerning when choosing their accommodation and accord great importance to the finer details including sustainability – a subject VitrA upholds as part of our ‘Blue Life’ philosophy."

Let's get personal...

The strongest bathroom trend for 2018 and beyond is personalisation, linked to the trend for personalised technology and the new freedom of expression through design. It’s about more mixing and less matching.

There will always be a place for white and traditional bright chrome, but without the uniformity, more a back-drop to complement an eclectic, individual look.

Why choose a shower-toilet?

Raffaela De Vittorio, Marketing Director for Geberit explains why the shower-toilet is set to become the WC of choice for modern living.

The toilet has come a long way from its once humble offering that was chosen purely out of necessity and not given much regard. Over the past few years the focus on the toilet has shifted, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of just how big an influence their choice of WC can have on comfort levels in the modern bathroom.