Choice has never been greater

The choice of bathroom products and designs has never been greater.  It can be bewildering for consumers who come to the market and are met with a vast range of styles and decisions to make, particularly if they are unaware of modern functionality and versatility.  Bathroom retailers are uniquely positioned to bring together products to suit their individual customers' lifestyle needs, whether families, older consumers, those looking for top eco-credentials, and those seeking cutting edge or timeless design.  They can create stunning bathrooms by bringing tog

Wetrooms explained...

Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen, the Marketing Manager Unidrain explains the science behind successful wetroom installation.

Wet rooms are increasing in popularity within the UK across all sectors, ranging from high-end residential, through to commercial and healthcare.  A wet room provides a wide range of benefits; it allows for greater creativity within bathroom layouts such as a seamless and simplistic design and level floor access which is also ideal for multigenerational living.