Bathroom funiture & the colour revolution

Bathroom funiture & the colour revolution

Beth Boulton, Utopia Bathrooms' Marketing Director tells us vibrant colours and a combination of finishes and textures are at the forefront of design this year.

There's a colourful revolution taking place in the bathroom furniture sector with consumers breaking away from safe white options and increasingly turning to more adventurous colours. Dulux chose Denim Drift as the colour for 2017 and we've seen hard evidence of this with one of our new colours, Peacock Blue, romping away in terms of popularity. And this vibrant colour isn't just popular with consumers buying modular furniture but also with those opting for fitted furniture, traditionally a more conservative group.

Along with strong blues and soft chalky greys, there's also a definite trend for combining different colours and finishes. Textured concrete effects, structured wood and whitewashed wood effects are all very popular. Realistic stone effects are very much in demand, particularly Carrara marble and slate options, often enlivened with metallic flashes in copper, rose gold and nickel.

In terms of style trends, it's about retro styling in contemporary furniture, eclectic mixes of contemporary and traditional along with exciting new interpretations of art décor and all the glitz and glamour of boutique hotel chic. Painted timber is still a massive opportunity for both the modular and fitted sectors with versatile styling appealing equally to those wanting a very modern feel and those searching for an authentic period look.

In a move away from the traditional fitted look, we'll see freestanding vanity units with open shelves and open storage units with thinner edges for a more contemporary feel. Similarly modular designs will have basins with thinner edges and these basins will explore new territory in both glass and solid surface.

As ever, storage is key to successful bathroom planning and we will see imaginative new ideas filtering through, particularly with internal drawer decoration and 'secret' inner drawers. Clever lighting options, too, are already coming through with motion sensor lighting.

Handleless furniture is here to stay as everyone now appreciates the convenience and also the neat, clean lines it enables. Large mirrors, too, will dominate offering a stylish focal point, bouncing light as well as making small bathrooms appear larger.

Finally, everyone wants and expects smart technology, it's readily available now and universally acceptable. Look out for motion sensor activated flush and brassware alongside lighting, and larger than average bathroom mirrors with Bluetooth technology.