Armitage Shanks healthcare solution

The new hospital solution from Armitage Shanks has been designed to help reduce the bacteria growth in basins, taps and WC’s. ‘Hydrofin’ cuts infection risk by reducing splashing from basins by over 90%.

The new Markwik 21+ fittings and Contour 21+ clinical ceramics ranges have been developed in response to the evolving threats in hospitals and significantly push forward hygiene innovation and bacterial prevention. The range provides a complete solution, helping to reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow.

It comes as the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH) confirms that areas featuring sanitaryware are virulent breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Furthermore, a report by the UK’s House of Commons on ‘Reducing Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) in Hospitals in England’, found that annually 300,000 people contract a HAI after a hospital visit, creating a £1 billion additional care cost for the NHS.

Markwik 21+ and Contour 21+ achieve this by addressing pooling and water stagnation, reducing splashing and the amount of static water in the system, working with materials that limit the opportunity for bacteria to feed and providing a flexible maintenance system for cleansing fixtures and fittings.

Tony Rheinberg, from Armitage Shanks, comments: “Armitage Shanks has a well-earned reputation, especially in the field of healthcare and infection control.

“The new Contour 21+ and Markwik 21+ ranges demonstrate our innovation based approach, which is built on 200 years of experience and continues to pushes forward with healthcare innovation, aiding the battle in the fight against infection.

“Often some of the most simple of issues can be the most difficult to solve – and that’s what makes our new hydrofin design so ground-breaking, as it reduces the recognised major risks of spreading infection caused by splashing water from a tap in a basin.”