2020 trends from CRL

Trends in bathroom design are taking their influence from the kitchen, where textured finishes combine with matt and gloss to create an eclectic look.

Textured finishes are an extremely popular way of adding a sense of warmth and personality to the bathroom, with surfaces in light shades selling well due to the impression of spaciousness they create. 

Regardless of the finish though, bathroom surfaces need to be nonporous, easy to clean and hard-wearing, making materials such as ceramic and quartz ideal options. 

Pictured Above: A textured surface, such as the pictured Ceralsio Arizona ceramic, gives the bathroom warmth and character.

Pictured Below: Ceralsio Oatmeal is a ceramic surface available in a natural finish, which combines brilliantly with polished and textured finishes for an eclectic mix in the bathroom. 

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