New Geberit Acanto range

The new Geberit Acanto bathroom series of furniture and ceramics ensures frequently used items are stored within an 'easy- reach zone' to make life easier for all. Geberit research revealed that up to 90% of personal hygiene products and 50% of cosmetics stored in the bathroom are used daily, with items such as extra toilet paper, clean towels and cleaning products used less frequently.

Geberit Acanto lets users store 'high-usage' items within an optimum reach zone of just 0.28m2. Other items, such as clean towels and toilet rolls, can then be stored within a longer reach of of 0.37m2.

Geberit Acanto furniture is available in three colours - Lava, Sand and White – and the base units and tall cabinets have flexible interiors that allow users to adapt drawers, compartments and shelves to individual needs. The innovotive use of wall-mounted magnetic boards means trays or boxes can be attached to store smaller cosmetic items, transforming the mirror cabinet into a beauty centre.

The ceramic washbasins are available features a distinctively soft, organic and slim rim design and the Rimfree® toilet and bidet is also easy to clean and more hygienic.

A luxurious bathtub completes the series and fits in perfectly with the overall aesthetic to offer an indulgent bathing experience. Made from acrylic to help the water stay warmer for longer, the bath has a smooth surface and echoes the level of comfort that is felt throughout this range.

For more details visit or call 01926 516800.